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Rishta story time: He’s poor, so yay or nay?

ALRIGHTY FOLKS! I promised I would chronicle my rishta adventures so here’s another story FO YOU!

Basically, there was this rishta sent to our family through a friend for a guy for yours truly.

Here’s the lowdown on his PLUS points (yay):

- his family/mom seems ok

-he’s pretty good-looking?

-he seems like a humble guy with good character

And here are the MINUS points (boo!):

- his family seems kind of pandoo (what’s the english word for it? you know, uh…kind of un’advanced’ living in back-in-the-day outdated traditional standards type of ppl

-he has a college degree and drives a truck (doesn’t really make much at all) Can he support a family? I’m not so sure he can :S

- his mom seems to have a subtle complex against our family (because you know, we’re so cool and alll..KIDDING..In all seriousness it’s because we seem like we’re really polished, educated, rich people). In truth, my family is just middle dad’s a butcher for goodness sake! But my siblings and I all have university education and good jobs.

- my dad really doesn’t like him lol ( I dunno, my dad thinks he’s strange-looking and he’s basically a loser with no job)

Let’s be clear, I am not against this rishta because the guy is poor. I actually LIKED him compared to the other clowns I’ve seen.

BUT, my dad didn’t like the fact that he is uneducated and has such a terrible trucking job. He says him and his family have no ‘status’ SIGH

I still think he’s okay though. But everyone is telling me there is no future with this guy and I need to be real and think about financial matters.

Am I just a hopeless romantic? Maybe it’s because I’ve never really dealt with money and I’m underestimating it’s value and impact on a relationship. I DON’T KNOW, MAN.

What should I do?

Should I tell my parents I want to meet him and get to know him more?

Or should I just concede to the fact that there’s no future with this guy?


p.s. like all the Aladdin gifs I used? it’s for emphasis on the poor guy. Intuitively, I think I need to give the guy a shot but my family is against me on this one.

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